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Prove it

When I was a young child in school, we as innocent children would early in the mornings gather together among our friends. We would brag about who has received this, or who’s uncle is in the army or what each person did over the holidays or the previous day. One common demand made by the […]

Confused man

Am I Saved? Why should I consider…

Why should I give a careful consideration to the question “Am I saved“? It’s not just because one does not want to be lost but because we may have a misunderstanding about what it means to believe in Jesus. Many are comfortable thinking that once I believe in an Almighty Being then all is fine. […]


Bible in a Year

Some members of the congregation will engage in a One year Chronological bible reading plan beginning April 01 and ends Mar 30. We encourage you to join us on this journey as we read the bible cover to cover in an easy, nice pace and guided manner. Chronological order simply means we’ll be reading the […]