A growing Mustard Tree Faith

In Luke 17:1-19 we find Jesus encouraging his disciples how to walk in love towards each other. This is put to the test even in our call to forgive those who may appear to constantly offend us. To the disciples this seemed to be a mountain of challenge to do and asked “Lord increase our faith”.
Jesus’ response was that if they “had faith as a grain of mustard seed” they could take on what appeared to be any overwhelming challenges.

No Way

In no way was Jesus encouraging individuals to settle for “little faith” which is contrary to Jesus’ lessons. He on more than one occasion warns about having doubt and unbelief (“little faith”) (Matt 6:30 , Matt 8:26 , Matt 16:8 , Luke 12:28).
However, Jesus’ disciples were young to the ministry of Christ and even though Christ was with them teaching and planting the seed of His words in their mind, they on many occasions seemed to have either forgotten the lesson or not fully grasped it.

Mustard Seed Quality

The potential for a grain of mustard seed (small as a pencil point) to grow to a large tree, digging deep into the earth below it; having a strong trunk that extends upwards and outstretched branches to shelter birds and be seen from a distance maybe considered amazing and worth a review.
Settling for “little faith” is not on the books but what I would encourage us to do is first guard the word of God in our hearts and allow our mustard seed to germinate and have Mustard Tree Faith. This kind of faith is mature, rooted & outstretched (where others can lean upon your conviction for support) and it’s seen by your living and can only be preserved by one having a full assurance in the power of God (Heb 11:1).
Plant the word of God in your heart and allow it to grow within you thereby deepening your Faith to take on the difficult tasks that face us daily.

“So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” – Rom 10:17


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