Youth Group Schedule First Quarter 2016

We welcome you to join us for our youth meetings every 2nd Saturdays at 4:00pm. Find below our activities for the 1st Quarter 2016.


Date Activity Description
Sat. Jan 09  Why I can Trust the Bible  Examining externals and internal evidences as to why we can trust the Bible as the word of God.
Sat. Jan 23  Understanding the Bible  Examining Bible Study Principles and foundation elements to help the young at heart with understanding the bible and developing appreciation for the understanding and teaching of scriptures
Sat. Feb 13  Bible Bowl Quiz & Fun Activity  Youth Group Teams compete for Team points in the 1st Quarter Bible Bowl. Questions will be fielded from Past Lessons in the Youth Group, General Worship Assemblies & Bible Classes.
Sat. Feb 27  Equipping our Youth for Bible Study  A Continuation of the series on Understanding the Bible. We will explore the topic of Deity and examine the concepts of the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit
Sat. Mar 12  Debate  Three member teams debate the moot “Be it resolved Baptism is essential to our salvation”.
Sat. Mar 26 End of Quarter Fellowship Team and Individual Recognitions, Quarter Review, Next Quarter Planning, Games
Youth Group Schedule 1Q 2016
Youth Group Schedule 1Q 2016